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Sunday, 13 May 2012

Ginger Hobbits Quick Cheat Stuffing.

Ginger Hobbits Quick Cheat Stuffing.
This recipe I've found is so easy, can be done in a food processor, it is, as its title suggests a cheat! Good for family and as an emergency backup when you forgot to do the real thing... it's easy to remember and tastes great!
2 slices of dry bread
(if you have no dry bread, toast some stopping before it colors & leave to cool)
2 medium onions
2 raw sausages
2 tbl spns dried sage
Pinch of salt/pepper (optional)
2 eggs

Method. (if using food processor)

·         Place all ingredients in, one at a time (eggs last) and blitz to rough paste.
·         Stuff chicken.

Method. (by hand)

·         Grate bread to crumbs.
·         Finely chop onions and sausage.
·         Mix all ingredients (eggs last).
·         Stuff chicken.

Don't forget to adjust the cooking time for your stuffed chicken, I normally add around 30 mins to an average sized bird!


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